Hello!  At this point, you obviously know that I design custom websites and paint pictures.  Below, I've written a short bio to give you an idea of how I got to this point in my life. Please reach out to me soon, I would love to learn more about you and your business. Thank you!

My Story

Web designer

Good day!


I'm 28 years old. I've been designing for more than 1.5 years. For this time I've realized more than 30 projects. You can see some of them in the section "Portfolio".

I live and work in Moscow. In my free time I like studying psychology, doing sports, travelling and snowboarding. When there's  a rush of inspiration I love painting.

Design for me is an art that, unlike other types of creativity includes not only aesthetics and beauty but helps to solve specific matters (e.g. increasing sales, collecting and retaining the target audience of an online resource). In the process of work the idea turns  into a fully functional, thoughtful and efficient design that looks good, simple and convenient to use.

I like to fulfill ambitious and complex tasks. Difficulties stimulate and inspire. But in order to achieve a good result having an enthusiasm is not enough, it's important to reach understanding between a customer and a designer as well as professionalism of the last one.


Deeds speak louder than words. If you are reading this text you, probably, have already been familiar with my portfolio. I'll be glad to help with your tasks. Fill in a  feedback form with the description of your project and contact information and I will contact you shortly. You can also send me an email: soulofsite@gmail.com or call: +7 926 02-02-015.


Designer and Painter


Good day!


 I am a painter, though I have never been trained as one. It all began one beautiful spring day when I felt such an intolerable desire to draw a picture that I just picked up paints and did it. Since then I have never been able to stop and am very happy because of and thanks to it.


My paintings are the reflection of my feelings, experience, emotions; they are the way I see the world: bright, juicy and emotional. A piece of my soul lives within each of them. And my soul is enriched and more alive by each of my paintings.


In addition to painting, I create a variety of handmade interior items, for instance, transform old things, giving them a bright new life. All my craft-works are united by one underling concept, which is colour. My creative process always starts with a colour. Colour, in my opinion, determines the most important aspects of a painting: its main idea, mood and energy.


Each thing or a painting created by my hands is an emotion, an idea, an inspiration, the food for a mind and a soul, which I would love to share with you. If my creations bring a little of joy and pleasure into your lives, it will be a good reason for me to live.

 You can see my pictures here




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